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“You’ll love this” blog is not just about designers, it is also about people, projects, culture, architecture and everything else in between which inspires and reflects Imbyou’s beliefs and design thinking. Yes yes, about food too (the essence of life!)
In my quest for pure and timeless designs, universe handed me Mjolk on a plate. Now if there was to be a reflection of Imbyou’s design philosophy (to a large extent I would say), you will find it in Mjolk.

Full view of Mjolk 800x800


 Say Mi-yelk is how the website describes it. I had to browse the entire website after that. End to end!
A store based in  Toronto, the gallery makes its home in a white Victorian building with a modern interior by local architect firm Studio Junction. Mjölk is both a gallery which exhibits work by both arists and artisans from Scandianvia and Japan, and also a lifestyle store.

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Mjölk (Swedish for milk), was started in 2009 by husband and wife team John and Juli Baker
In their words: “ we look to our everyday life to find inspiration for the products we carry. Our smaller products can be used without thought, or quietly admired. In our eyes just the simple satisfaction of functionality and durability, is all you need for a successful product, but when you can derive beauty from the uttermost simplistic tools, then you have something special”.

Juli and John 800x800

I couldn’t agree more.

They have beautifully summed up their design ethos: Mjölk  is pure, honest, and essential
Their design philosophy is so deeply rooted in their psyche that it reflects in their daily lives too.Here is a store which showcases the most sublime products, which revolves around usablity without conforming to time or trend. You will be getting more of Mjolk at “You’ll love this” regularly.
Take a look for yourselves and share your thoughts.

Inside the Mojlk store

For more details on Mjolk follow this link:  store.mjolk.ca

All images: Mjolk (Juli and John)


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    What a read!!..Say Splendid,..Delightful treat for the eyes.
    YOU are making the world a special place to live by letting us know so much special through your blog.
    Will look forward to read more definitely.

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