What happens when I place an order

You will receive an email from us confirming your order with IMBYOU as well as the Designer/Maker.

How do I know if my order has been shipped?

Again, you will get an email from IMBYOU, stating that the order has been shipped by the seller, along with a tracking number for your record. Shipping may take from as little as 3-4 days (for available stock) to 6-8 weeks (if order is coming from oversees or is made to order).

Orders are processed Monday-Friday. Orders placed on weekends/bank holidays/ national holidays are processed at the beginning of a new work week. Designers often travel for work, we will let you know in case your order is getting delayed under such a circumstance.

How can I track my parcel?

By using the tracking number provided by the shipper.

Can I make the delivery to a different address then the order?

Yes, you can. Just clearly specify it on your order form, or email us at happy people@imbyou.co.uk, using your order number and details.

What if you are not at home?

Our shipper will make an attempt to deliver 2 times, post which it will return to their warehouse. You can contact us on this id: happy people@imbyou.co.uk for us to help you in delivery.

Are there customs and Import Duty charges applicable?

Yes, some items/ products may incur Duty or customs charges. These are as per actual, as there is no fixed rate for this. These charges are to be paid directly by you to the Shipper at the time of delivery or if we pay on your behalf, then this will be payable to us before we deliver the item to you.

What happens if the parcel gets lost?

Contact us immediately if this happens, we will help you to sort this out. Email id: happy people@imbyou.co.uk

What if there are multiple purchases on the same order? What will be the shipping cost and delivery time?

Good question. If the multiple purchase is from the same designer (whether overseas or UK designer), then there is a single shipping cost. Only if the multiple purchases are from different Designer/Makers, is when it gets charged individually.

How is a large or fragile item (like furniture) charged for delivery?

We will get a real time rate from our Shipping Company and share it with you at the earliest. You have a choice based on this rate, to go ahead with your order.

Where all do we ship in UK?

Everywhere within mainland UK, except Scotland. Please email us at happy people@imbyou.co.uk if you need a quote for shipping in Scotland.

What are the shipping charges?

Our shipping charges depend on the size, scale, weight and location/distance of the item to your delivery address.

Shipping charges start from as little as £3.99 for items shipped from UK within UK and from £10.99 for items shipped from Overseas to any address in UK (except Scotland).

Final shipping cost will reflect at the time of purchase.

Do you ship internationally or rest of the EU?

At the moment we do not offer this service directly, but would love to try and sort out an order if you truly badly want something from our amazing designers. Just email us at happy people@imbyou.co.uk with your queries and we will take it from there.