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Cork-a designer delight

In my line of work, I am constantly looking for innovative and original designs and objects for interior, homeware, furniture and lifestyle. Sometimes, its the process which captures my attention and other times, its the material. Either way, the world of design is going through some very exciting times and designers and craft makers are not shying away from exploring unconventional material in challenging ways.

On a recent trip to Portugal, I got the opportunity to visit a cork factory, all thanks to my new found love for products made from cork.

“Its takes more then 30 years for Cork to grow and we take just a day to convert it into a wine stopper”, said our guide. We sat in rapt attention, absorbing this piece of information.That little piece of cork stopper made redundant once the wine bottle is open, suddenly grew in stature.

 Cortiça chaise longue by Daniel Michalik

It all began whilst setting up Imbyou. I met Jenny, the brilliant designer of  Mind the Cork . She has a sensitive and a considered approach towards her designs using cork. Her beautiful products are a delight in themselves. This is when I started to consciously observe, that across the world, designers and craft makers are embracing cork in interiors, lifestyle accessories, furniture and even fashion!

EWA Cork pot by Mind The Cork
I must confess, before that,my interest in cork was borderline zero, if anything (I know, how could I!!). In daily life, I had reduced it to wine bottle stoppers and an occasional mat or coaster.1 Par Salt and Pepper Shaker by Corkway
Cork  bowls by Bambu

My whole perception changed of this otherwise not so known material in the lifestyle and interior realm of reality.

Roll lamp by Sebastien Cordoleani
Cork Lamp by Two Designers
Corkigami chair by Carlos Ortega

Hope you enjoy this pictorial presentation of some of the objects I found truly inspiring from around the world.

Till the next blog, have a good time.



  • Nirupama says:

    Amazing insights into the cork world. Specially since I have a piece of jewellery made from cork!! 🙂 Intriging to see how people can use cork to make such lovely objects.

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