“I was clear from the beginning that I will work with the rich textile crafts of India. Anek Designs is focused on harnessing this heritage, whilst exploring new ways of working with textiles”. Kanika Bahl, Creative Head (Anek Designs).

Founded by Kanika Bahl along with her husband Vivek Agarwalla, Anek Designs is a home linen & accessories design studio based in Gurgaon, India.

Anek Designs core philosophy is to make simple, hand crafted, textile products for the contemporary home with emphasis on attention to detail and perfection in making.

After a quiet launch in 2010 -2011 and Anek Design has been selling online as well as through brick and mortar stores across India and through international stores.

Kanika graduated in Textile Design from National Institute of Design (NID) India and has over 5 years of work experience with well known design studios in the Export Industry.

Kanika’s Super Dad, Anil Bahl joined the company in 2014 to help with the growing business while she explores the world for inspiration. He is the missing cog in the Anek Design machinery which runs in precision mode due to his presence.

Kanika strongly believes that happy employees make happy products and strives to pay fair wages and benefits to both her employees and vendors.

Imbyou is pleased to present Anek Design’s cushion collection for the first time.