EKDESIGN is a design studio run by Katharina Eisenkoeck developing furniture, products and lighting.

The revival of ancient techniques and craft processes brought into a new context is a vital part in Eisenkoecks’ work. Her approach to design is a very personal one; the making process, the refining and finishing is crucial to her. She uses practical research through material experimentation in order to create objects that are both long lasting and unique. EKDESIGN is based in east London where Eisenkoeck develops and produces all items by hand.

The *Leather and Concrete collection

The collection of concrete and leather lights are an approach to create a series of portable light solutions that are focused on flexible needs and a contemporary paced lifestyle while using traditional materials in unexpected combinations with ancient techniques.

Prior to the early 20th century leather was a common material for the traveller, employed in a variety of objects ranging from flasks to suitcases and armoury.

Eisenkoeck is keen to demonstrate leathers’ forgotten potential; in this range she is highlighting leathers’ capability as structural reinforcement. Leather is the fore runner of modern day injection moulded plastics, that most contemporary luggage is made from. Hence her interest in using leather as a principle material for 21st century range of nomadic lighting that houses LED wireless power transfer technology.

About Katharina Eisenkoeck

Katharina Eisenkoeck started off her creative education in architecture and spatial design. Throughout the years of working as an interior designer at Lomography where she travelled and worked in cities all over the world she was becoming attracted to the beauty and story of hand made products. In 2011 she decided to do a Masters degree at Camberwell College of Arts in the program MA Designer Maker where she graduated in 2012 and shortly after set up her own studio.


6 Pearson Street
E2 8JD
07860677545 office@katharinaeisenkoeck.com www.katharinaeisenkoeck.com

Photography credit: Katharina Eisenkoeck