Pomegranate Fabrics – a company founded in 2016 by us, Mahesh Kumar Ramachandaran and Deepa Somasundaram, Textile Designers from National Institute of Design. Over the past 17 years, we have been involved in the designing of home furnishing textiles for the Global market and have been aware of the impact on the diminishing craft industry. Pomegranate Fabrics is an initiative to support and sustain craft and craftsmanship.

Growing up in an environment where traditional hand crafted products were part of our everday life, we felt the need for design intervention to connect these products to modern living. Shifting the focus from the mass produced, that are filling up our spaces to uniquely hand made products that has the warmth of human touch and dedication.

At Pomegranate Fabrics, we offer exclusive limited edition rugs that are inspired from traditional textiles yet modern. Our rugs are our canvases, each piece is individually resist dyed and printed with hand carved blocks. We enjoy the unexpected, accidental effects of hand made which makes each piece unique and artfully imperfect. Inspite of the frenzy of effort beneath the surface, our products have an air of harmony and simplicity that fits effortlessly into any environment. Our products are made of natural material, user friendly and versatile.

We believe in constantly evolving, refining and mastering – an inspiring journey for us that we have just begun……..

Products by Pomegranate Fabrics