“My ceramics can be placed in the middle of the unsolved dilemma: industrial or handmade? unique or serial? Thanks to all my different working experiences, I try to mix different things in order to reinvent them, improving the artistic potential in everyday objects to design potteries with elegant forms and a touch of humour, always leaving a light craft touch on their visual appearance.

I enjoy designing, because I love making and I would like to communicate that through my products.”

This is what Francesca Romei- a designer/maker based in Italy, has to say about her considered and well made objects. Her amazing design objects like the Gr_egg, an egg cup which makes the act of separating yolk easy, to the elegant form of Birds- an espresso cup, she works with crossing the boundaries of industrially produced to handmade designs effortlessly.

After her Honour Degree in Industrial Design at University of Naples, she completed her MA in Product Design at Polytechnic of Milan in 2008, moving then to London for an exciting 2 year experience as model maker. During her studies, she explored many materials and techniques, trying to develop and combine Digital Design and Industrial manufacturing with the craft skills she had acquired during her previous working experience.

In 2010 she started her own design studio producing a unique range of tableware which reflects her passion, style and culture for creating different pieces inspired by historical objects and turned into contemporary themes.