Charlotte is a multiple award winning designer/maker based in Devon. Her design philosophy is to make treasurable pieces of cutlery by bringing together silver and wood. Trying to preserve and capture the natural qualities of the materials used. Creating precious, magical utensils with a rugged, native feel to them. Designed to function, with appreciation towards the natural beauty and proportion that is needed for the cutlery to be successful.

Charlotte says that her work is more like “a wonderful journey from beginning to end, immersing myself in the process. Gathering and foraging for branches that fit the designs by jumping through hedgerows and stomping around woods. Also using this time to collect more stimulus, whether this be through drawing and photographs, or accumulating little pockets of countryside to bring home with me. “

The cutlery is made from sterling silver for its robust qualities. Holly is a hard, durable wood, coupling beautifully with the silver. The wood is treated with a food safe oil to help protect against staining and the silver is hallmarked in accordance to the hallmarking regulations and standards. Using traditional techniques of forging and raising to create pieces, with a need of understanding the materials to get the best outcome. Each piece holds its own personality, brought to life by each individual owner.