I grew up in a family of artists and designers. Exposure to art began at a rather early age. Childhood summer holidays were spent loitering around in my grandfather’s painting studio, gazing at the beautiful colours, the shapes, the books he owned, till date i can smell the turpentine when i think of my days spent there. Taking on from there, I did Fine Arts (Sculpture), with PG in Ceramic Design (NID) and studied further Ceramics at ECA (Edinburgh). Now, through life’s various events and experiences, I have started Imbyou, and online Design Gallery in England (my home since last 17 years). My own work has two aspects: At one end I indulge in childhood memories and life events which have inspired me to translate them in surface designs. I use tableware as my 3D canvass to create my visual stories. & at the other end is where I combine my love for form, material and processes. This is where I create my handmade and limited edition designs. I enjoy working in porcelain and my quest to understand this beautiful, unforgiving material throws up challenging but very exciting outcomes in my work. My journey has only just begun.