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In the begining

By June 29, 2015Uncategorized

Perhaps my mindset belongs to the generation bygone, which believed in preserving their priced possession bought through hard earned money and passing it down to the next generation. Or perhaps just that I believe in surrounding myself with timeless design goodness which does not conform to any particular era. Whichever way, I am always hunting for objects and Designers who have the ability to transform any material into such fluid and elegant objects, that it brings a sigh of pleasure from its onlookers.
I believe that design should be for generations to come and can look right in any space, time or years to come, while performing its function well.

London Map-closeup Closeup of Map quilt- Ekta Kaul London (www.ektakaul.com)

I began studying designers who are doing some truly path breaking work, pretty much by pushing themselves and the material, techniques and skills they employ in their creations. Whether it was using some traditional craft engaged to create an object so exceptional that you are entranced or whether a totally modern material, either way the aesthetics or design language is timeless, original and true to the material. At times designers have unapologetically used flaws of making techniques into a feature which remains true to the concept.
Imbyou is a culmination of that idea. My journey has only just begun, and already I have interacted with some most amazing and talented Designers/Makers across the world. Not just Designers, I have met and still meeting some truly inspiring people who are becoming a part of this exciting project in crucial ways.


wallscape lifestyle imageWallscape bookshelf by Sangaru (www.sangaru.com)

“You’ll love this” as a blog will bring stories behind these designers, their background, and their journey so far. We will also feature interiors, culture, travel, even food (yeah why not?) which are unique and bring a breath of fresh air from the repetitive fatigue the world faces today.

Icon lamp 800x800Icon Lamp by EKDesign (www.katharinaeisonkeock.com)



  • Superb! The blog looks exciting! I look forward to reading more on your aesthetic explorations. And did you say food?! I sure am in for more 😉

    • Vallari says:

      Thank you Vinodini. The intention is to bring unexplored (which is rare in these days!!) culture, food, design and everything else in between to our readers.

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