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Living colours of Adiv Pure Nature

By July 13, 2017One to watch, Travel

A tie-dye grey silk jacket from Adiv Pure Nature

Colours- a privilege that nature has so generously shared with us human beings. This blog is about one person’s quest to create a meaningful outcome from nature’s bounty.

I am on my way to meet Rupa Trivedi, the founder of Adiv Pure Nature.

The auto rickshaw turned into a leafy lane in Andheri, a busy part of Mumbai. Lined on one side of the road were rows of industrial units. We stopped near a regular unit  hiding the most fascinating and spectacular natural dye workshop.

But before I venture further into what is Adiv Pure Nature, I would like to share how I came to know of Adiv Pure Nature.

Tank Dress from Dosa from their Temple Blessing collection 2016. Image : Dosa

The Temple Project: I first came across Adiv’s work when I was browsing Dosa’s apparel collection in Egg  London. I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful silhouettes of the outfits. The fabric had unrestricted  print with bright colours flowing across the outfit, capturing high summer.

Flowers from Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

As I dug deeper to understand the collection’s inspiration, I came across the “Temple Project” by Adiv Pure Nature. Intrigued, I did some research and found a social venture  in Mumbai started by Rupa Trivedi. Adiv was born out of a respect for the environment while propagating the use of natural dyes on textiles there by creating a sustainable, green fashion supply chain.

In particular, I was fascinated by the subliminally named Temple Project.

Everyday, in temples across India, devotees offer fresh flowers as a ritual. In large temples like the famous Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, tons of fresh roses in deep reds and pinks, marigolds, Indian blanket flowers are offered everyday to be replaced with fresh ones next day. These discarded flowers were wasted away without serving further purpose till Rupa stepped in.

She came up with an innovative solution to this problem. These flowers are used for their colour as natural dyes. The artisans at Adiv are trained in the process of using these flowers for their value addition.

Colour wise segregation of flowers and petals.

It is one of the trained staff’s duty at Siddhivinayak temple to sift through the used flowers and segregate them based on colours, gradation, dryness, freshness etc. These are then sent in batches to the Adiv office/production house.

Here another team sets about prepping the flowers by either removing their petals again through colour gradation or dryness factor. But this time, enough time has lapsed to change the hues of the flowers to be sorted accordingly.


Fresh marigold petals ready for dyeing.

Fresh petals are used directly onto fabrics for creating beautiful, organic repetitive yet unique patterns leaving bright prints. And very dry petals are powdered to be boiled and used as a dye for lengths of fabrics.


As I sit down with Rupa, she has a very calming demeanor. Taking me through her journey of conceiving  Adiv and  where it is now. Rarely does one come across a person these days with supreme conviction in what they have set out to do and Rupa is one of them. While her work has not been without  challenges, she did not bow down in times of crisis and today Adiv’s popularity  is steadily growing amongst well known designers across the world.

Tie and dye Silk scarves.

At the time I met Rupa, they were in the process of collaborating with farmers who grow flowers, to create sustainability for them. This gets better and better!

Clamp resist dyeing in progress.

I would like to share an excerpt from Adiv’s website:

“Adorn the body with peace, tranquility and harmony. Adiv Pure Nature, a colorful romance in exquisitely designed fabrics & garments created from herbs, flowers and recycled organic waste. A serene mélange of living colors the concept of Adiv Pure Nature is founded upon the invocation; even provocation of that mystic sense, so universal in nature brings forth this vision with a sense of reality and responsibility for a healthy, natural, and fulfilling experience of life.”

Trained staff dyeing the fabric in a massive vessel.

I feel rather blessed to have had the opportunity to visit the dyeing studio and see the process firsthand.   Each person has been trained to exacting standards.

A thorough dipping of the material in the dye and then exposure to oxygen changes the colour from green to Indigo.

No task is big or small and innovative methods are constantly being tried to set the bar of dyeing higher then ever before.

Here is a truly natural, organic dyeing studio I have ever had the good fortune to be at.

I wish Adiv success and greater achievement in future. You see, when the heart and mind are connected, the results are always stunning and leave a legacy which can be difficult to match.


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