Rain 2 Blue black handcrafted rug.


Rain 2 Blue black handcrafted rug

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Rain 2 Dhurrie – a  handcrafted flat rug, handwoven to bring out its rustic beauty. Each rug is first woven in cotton, boiled and then dip dyed a rich blue merging into deep black. Once dry, it goes through block printing process to create a unique line of rugs.

Inspired from the falling rain drops, this design is textural yet graphical. The rich blue and black colour palette accentuates linear quality of the pattern and makes it a perfect choice to use in any decor. The Rain 2 design adds a quiet elegance to any room.The dhurries are robust enough to be used outdoors and at the same time for indoors.

Wash instructions: wash in lukewarm water or gentle cycle if using washing machine. Do not rinse, hang  flat for drying. A small amount of bleeding may occur once.

Suitable for outdoors during sunny days.

Shipping time between 5-7 weeks from the time the designer confirms the order.


Additional information

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 182.88 x 112 x 0.50 cm

110 cms x 180 cms, 135 cms x 242 cms, 60 cms x 120 cms, 60 cms x 180 cms, 90 cms x 150 cms


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