Scion handmade block printed cotton rug


Scion handmade Block printed rug

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Scion Dhurrie – a beautifully crafted block printed cotton rug, handwoven to bring out its rustic beauty. Each rug is first handwoven, boiled and then dip dyed a rich blue. Once dry, it goes through block printing process to create a unique line of rugs.

By Juxtaposing deep colour with collage of fine pattern the piece brings in a unique style statement, all of its own. Inspired by patterns on African houses, it is a special rug that is very contemporary and chic.

The Hurries are robust enough to be used outdoors and at the same time elegant for indoors.

Wash instructions: wash in lukewarm water or gentle cycle if using washing machine. Do not rinse, hang  flat for drying. A small amount of bleeding may occur once.

Suitable for outdoors during sunny days.

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Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 180 x 115 x 1 cm

110 cms x 180 cms, 135 cms x 242 cms, 60 cms x 120 cms, 60 cms x 180 cms, 90 cms x 150 cms


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