Tree Book Shelf in Red finish (Made to Order)


Tree Book Shelf from Truss Me Collection in Red lacquer finish.

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The Tree Bookshelf is a thoughtfully designed object made in bamboo by the highly trained artisans at Sangaru. Its a visual delight whilst being a furniture.

When design is inspired directly by nature, Tree Bookshelf is born. A visually captivating shelving system, Tree bookshelf creates its own texture and colors when books are placed on it, bringing an order that is natural.
This book shelf come in two finishes one is natural the second is a transparent
coat of red lacquer which adds to the illusion when seen from different sides.

Made entirely from bamboo, the book shelf is a sculptural delight as a storage furniture. Each TrussMe unit is handmade by trained artisans following the exacting production methods set by Sandeep Sangaru, the designer and founder of Sangaru.

Delivery: from 4-6 weeks.

Note: For any further enquiry, we are happy to connect you to the designer to get as much info as is possible before placing an order. Please note that the delivery cost is as per actuals and we will contact the designer to get a rough shipping estimate.

This is a handmade object and slight human errors are considered as a mark from the craftsman rather then defects.

Additional information

Weight 13.00 kg
Dimensions 120 x 20 x 167 cm


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