Goa- Scenery Water/Juice Jug


Goa scenery water/juice Jug in Bone China

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“I remember walking on this green leafy road with gentle breeze and swaying coconut and palm trees along the way, with the sun beating down on us in a warm glow. Everywhere you looked, there were happy people”.

Yet another design from V H Studio’s collection of The Memory Project, Goa is straight out of a vivid memory of a holiday taken with her family as a little girl. Capturing the happy scenery of sun, sand, greenery and the bright houses are some of the recurring elements in this new design.

Made of bone china, the Goa jug is ideal for daily use, with a capacity of 3 litres, dishwasher safe and adds a sunny element to you meal times. Use it for juice, water or Sangria on a hot sunny day!


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Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 15.00 x 30.00 cm


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