Handmade Raku bottle in various colours


Handmade Raku bottle

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These unique and striking Raku bottles are one of the best sellers from Tilehurst Pottery who is known for its robust, elegant and handmade tableware. Their ethos lies in creating objects to be cherished in everyday use,  while being honest and straight forward in their aesthetics, lending their designs a certain charm of timelessness.

The rich colours of the this bottle is a result of the the bottles being dunked into materials like husk, dried leaves, hay or something similar. The resultant colours are a sheer surprise and cannot be controlled, but are to be enjoyed.

Tilehurst Pottery’s design ethos is to embrace the modern and cherish the past. Designed and produced to be used everyday all their pieces carry the unapologetic mark of the maker and the incidentals of its own creative process .

All fully functional , dishwasher , oven and microwave safe, the homeware is a combination of the strength of stoneware and the rewarding nature of handmade pottery.

Note: This item is handmade, hence the item you recieve may have slight change in size or glaze, from what is shown in the image here, we call it the maker’s mark and is believe in cherishing the hand crafted.

The glazes maybe either Turquoise or deep rich Red, tinged with green which cannot be controlled during the firing process.

Tilehurst Pottery products are dishwasher and microwave friendly. They can be heavy due to the nature of the clay.

Delivery- 2-3 weeks.

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Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 12.00 x 0.00 x 11.00 cm


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