Cheese- Yes please (Cheese cutlery)


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Presenting to you a sublime collection of  hand raised cutlery and tableware made from robust sterling silver sheet and durable holly wood. Using the technique of raising to create the shapes, Charlotte forms the metal around steel stakes using various hammers. This allows her to make bigger pieces for the table. The well finished sterling silver tube for the rivets adds an unusual detail to the work. The holly wood is locally sourced from the South West. The handles are coated in a food safe mineral oil that protects the wood and makes it easier to clean

The set of Cheese cutlery comes in a beautiful wooden box and would make  an ideal gift for weddings and festive season. Or why not buy it for yourself and make everyday a beautiful moment.

Included in the set are:


Stilton Scoop

Olive fork

Cheese Fork

Butter Knife

Condiment Ladle

Food safe mineral oil

Imp note: This is a handmade object. Slight variation due to handmade nature is possible. Production time is approximately 6-8 weeks from order to production plus shipping as per real time.


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