Bold multicoloured Pashmina Scarf


Bold multicoloured Pashmina Stole

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Blocks of bright bold colours in this scarf are enough to lift your spirits on a cold gloomy day.

SADHU Pashmina is woven from the soft, downy undercoat of the Capra Hiracus or the Himalayan mountain goat. This nimble high-altitude creature is also referred to as the pashmina goat

Pashmina is referred to the purest form of Cashmere, which is handspun and hand-woven in Kashmir.The word ‘pashmina’ is derived from the word ‘Pashm’ which is Persian for the word wool.

And the story of Sadhu scarves and stoles is the story of Pashmina.

Sadhu collection of scarves and stoles are inspired by the glorious heritage of Kashmir and its unparalleled beauty. They showcase the 2000 year old legacy of Pashmina as narrated by Kashmiri weavers, the seekers and keepers of this ancient skill. And they encapsulate in their design, the pristine beauty of Kashmir and all her mystic brilliance.

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